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Now for you Montana outitters, we are pleased to annouce that with four (4) easy steps, Lodge-ical will produce your Montana Board of Outfitters required fishing and hunting logs that have been approved by the board.  To view a sample of the hunting log that Lodge-ical now produces click here. There is no extra module to purchase.  This complimentary module is available to all Montana outfitters who are required to complete the MT Board of Outfitters Hunting Log and/or Fishing Log (and you are using version 7 and are in good standing with your annual support aggreement). To view the four easy steps, click here or visit the modules page.

Williamson Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce their affiliation with Sporting Heritage Group, LLC, an Indiana-based consulting firm focused on the world of the traditional field sports. They provide professional expertise at all levels of the sporting industry--from the entire range of operational concerns to unique and individually tailored sales and marketing programs. Their clientele includes top quality venues, both private and commercial, as well as those looking to occupy that position.

Sporting Heritage Group is looking to us to provide their clients guidance in their day to day operations by offering client relationship and reservation software and consultation of the daily in-house work flow.  We are excited to work with them and invite you to visit their website to learn more.

Lodge-ical has been selected as the "highly recommended software choice" for start up dude ranchers.  Iris Behr and John Muir, formerly of Hidden Creek Ranch, are conducting seminars throughout the year tailored to individuals who are seriously interested in starting up a dude ranch, or taking over ownership/management of an existing ranch.  Please visit the website, http://www.duderanch.org/seminar.cfm to learn more about the services that they provide.
ATTENTION MOGA Members: We are proud to announce an interface between Lodge-ical and the  outfitter search referral module of the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association website.  The outfitter search capability allows anyone to search through the state of Montana for an outfitter (like Paul!) that meets their individual needs. As you know, individuals can send an e-mail directly to you. This e-mail is based upon an inquiry form they complete. These e-mails are being stored on the MOGA web site, and with your membership user name and password, you can download the file to your computer and import each client name into Lodge-ical instead of having to manually type in new client referrals from the e-mails you receive. 
NEW ZIP CODE DATABASE: We have purchased a United States zip code database and have interfaced it with the Lodge-ical Client Entry form. All you have to do is enter a valid zip code and the city and state will automatically be entered. This database will be offered as a standard feature to all new users of Lodge-ical. If you are using version 7 and are interested in using this feature, please contact us.


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