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Williamson Enterprises, Inc.: CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1994

"Lodge-ical transformed my hunting camp that I didn't think was possible. I was using Google Calendar for room assignments, a cheap invoicing software, inventory was on Excel and it gets worse!...
Pineridge Grouse Camp
Lodge-ical wingshooting client: Pineridge Grouse Club, Minnesota USA
Minnesota, USA
...This integrated software was made for a small business owner who needed help being organized, professional and profitable. It was made for me! Thank you Lodge-ical for helping me make my dream of owning a prime upland hunting camp a reality!"

-Pineridge Grouse Camp

Dog with pheasant. Description of Lodge-ical's Wingshooting Edition

About Lodge-ical's Wingshooting Edition

You are suited for the Wingshooting edition if you own a bird hunting resort offering meals, lodging, and activities.

All versions of Lodge-ical can be installed either on a single computer, a network, or on the cloud.

The complete Wingshooting edition is our most robust in terms of the included modules. In addition to the modules below, this version includes the seven modules that are found in most versions.

Track the following information for each hunt that you book:

  • Type of Hunt
  • Field Hunted
  • Bird Statistics: species, number of birds "afield", presented", and bagged
  • Processing statistics - number of birds "discarded", "processed", "freezer bank"
  • Dogs assigned to hunt (one or more)
  • Staff assigned to hunt (one or more)

Reports include:

  • Staff Calendar
  • Guest hunting history
  • "Kill report"

Keep an inventory of gamebirds "on hand" by recording the following:

  • Gamebird vendor agreements (birds contracted vs. birds purchased)
  • Number of gamebirds afield
  • Other gamebird statistics (pen dead, recaptured, miscellaneous adjustments)
  • Inventory report of gamebirds "on hand"

Additionally, we offer three modules we offer three bonus modules that may also be applicable to your lodge:

This module is designed specifically for the wingshooting lodge and preserve and works in conjunction with the Membership module. Record monthly prepaid bird prices. As members pay you early for birds, a "beginning of year" balance will be established. As members hunt their birds, their member bird bank will decrease. View member's hunting history and prepaid bird bank balances.

This module is most often used with the Wingshooting edition but is not limited to this version. The membership module allows you to set up membership types and whether they are eligible for a member discount. Reservation rates, store and bar purchases can all be adjusted based on the member discount rate. Use Lodge-ical to invoice annual membership dues. Record Membership Start Date and Membership Renewal Date.

For each dog in your kennel, track basic information including (but not limited to):

  • Whelp Date
  • Sire
  • Dam
  • Breed/Color/Markings
  • Handler

Each dog can have their own health profile including the:

  • Vaccination History and Reminders
  • Weight History
  • Training Log

For your female dogs, you will also record the Litter History and Heat Cycles.

Read the North American Gamebird Association article HERE (it is a PDF file)


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