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Williamson Enterprises, Inc.: CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1994

Lodge-ical wingshooting lodge client: Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge, South Dakota/Nebraska
We have worked with Lodge-ical for 9 years and are pleased with the program. It meets the needs of our two lodges and Williamson Enterprises, Inc. is always quick to help with any questions that might come up. We have always appreciated how if we need a little something different, they do their best to implement it. We also like the updates/upgrades they make to the program to be sure it is the best program out there for what we need.

Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge/Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters
South Dakota/Nebraska
Lodge-ical wingshooting lodge: Rugg's Ranch, Oregon
Thank You for all of your help with Lodge-cal. You are always there for my questions and help me walk thru any troubles. Lodge-ical is a great program to help keep the lodge run smoothly. Thank you again.

Ruggs Ranch
Here at Upper Canyon Outfitters we have used Lode-ical for a number of years. It has made our booking and reporting process very effective and we are able to generate our Client Outfitter Logs for both our hunting and fishing trips by only inputting information once. My reports are accurate and professionally done in a timely matter. I cannot imagine not having this program for our bookings, invoices and reports. Most of all when I call for support Kristin personally helps me out and has set up Lode-ical for our ranches individual needs.

Upper Canyon Outfitters
Lodge-ical Cleint: A Bar A Ranch, Wyoming
We have been using Lodge-ical since 2007 and it is central to our entire operation. Whether making reservations, tracking sales, or creating mailings, it has the information we need. When we need help, their customer service is also great.

A Bar A Ranch
Lodge-ical fishing lodge client: Crystal Creek Lodge, Alaska
I was their first customer, being sold after a quick demonstration. With support and coaching, I was using Lodge-ical to run my business within a week. When I needed help with the program during the following months, support was unwavering. Lodge-ical is still my most important business software. It has elevated the professional image of my business and allowed it to grow with minimal outside help. I cannot begin to guess how many hours of work it has saved us, and how much flexibility it has allowed. I also cannot begin to guess how anyone in my business can do without this program!

Crystal Creek Lodge
Lodge-ical Dude/Guest Ranch client: Bar Lazy J Ranch, Colorado
Back in 1996 we were one of the first guest ranches to use Lodge-ical. This was the first reservation software system we used, and will be the only system we will ever use. Lodge-ical provides all the flexibility and capability we require to effectively handle all of our guest inquiries, reservations, and clients. One of the best aspects of using Lodge-ical is the personal service and technical support which is always available.

Bar Lazy J Ranch
Lodge-ical Wingshooting client: Rio Piedra Plantation, Georgia
The Lodge-ical program means very much to us. It has a wealth of information at our finger tips. Most importantly, I appreciate how you listen to your clients and develop programs to fit the need of each individual lodge. We look forward to many more years of working together.

Rio Piedra Plantation
Lodge-ical fishing and wingshooting client: The High Lonesome Lodge, Colorado
I have been using Lodge-ical since January 2003 and can't believe how much time that is saves me on a daily basis. I have been looking for a system like this for a long time and am just so happy that we found Lodge-ical. It is everything that I could have hoped for and so much more.

The High Lonesome Ranch
Lodge-ical Wingshooting client: Flying B Ranch, Idaho
Lodge-ical is a very user friendly reservation software. The Lodge-ical program eliminated the need for four separate reports we created in addition to our old reservation software, plus it gives us the opportunity to add bird harvest records and pro-shop inventory to the same database. The most outstanding feature I have found in using Lodge-ical is the support and assistance that we receive. They have always been there when we needed their technical advice.

Flying B Ranch
Lodge-ical Fishing and Wingshooting Lodge client: Linehan Outfitting, Montana
Linehan Outfitting Company has been using Lodge-ical for over ten years. This software has everything an outfitter could ask for; some of our favorite features include: tracking client correspondence, income and receivable reports, simple reservation entry and client log reporting. Lodge-ical has saved us hours with their guide log reporting; at the end of the year we simply print, no more hand written reports!
We also can't say enough about the tech support we have received. They have made this program easy and comprehensive. The training courses that Lodge-ical provides are a must!

Linehan Outfitting Company


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