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Williamson Enterprises, Inc.: CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1994

Reports in Lodge-ical are categorized by area of interest. Our reports range from those that are used for daily operations to those that are used for forecasting and planning. Examples include the following:


  • Inquiry Letter - the first letter you will send describing your business to interested prospects (usually sent with your brochure).
  • Preconfirmation - the letter you will send to a guest asking for a deposit.
  • Postconfirmation - the letter you will sent to a guest acknowledging their deposit received.
  • Balance Due - the letter that will ask for their final balance.
  • Thank You - the letter that you will send to a guest thanking them for their visit.

Reservation Reports

  • Pending vs. Confirmed reservations.
  • Deposit Accruals - all deposits received sorted by the month the deposit will be realized.
  • Reservation List showing required deposit amount and whether or not they have been received.

Income Reports

  • Money Received by payment method, payment category, or payment date.
  • Income Earned by rate type, referral source, one specific guest, or multiple guests.
  • Select arrival date, departure date or booking date as your sort criteria.

Guest Reports

  • Assumed Meal Count gives you a count of the number of meals required for each day.
  • Daily Activities shows a list of guest activities sorted by date and time.
  • Guest Information shows who is arriving and general information about the reservation.

Management Reports

  • Business statistics showing total reservations, total dollars billed, total monies collected, and total bed nights comparing two dates in time (for example, "this year" vs. "last year").
  • Referral Source Analysis shows you a relationship between the advertising costs, the number of inquiries received, and the amount of reservation income earned for each referral source.
  • Activity statistics showing total number of activity days per season.
  • Region report breaks your clients down into regions of the country.
  • Classify all Lodge-ical charges to one or more general ledger accounts used by your accounting system (i.e., a Quickbooks class) and report all income received sorted by each account.


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