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Williamson Enterprises, Inc.: CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1994

"I have used Lodge-ical for the last seven years to run my outfitting business and it has been a great tool. I use it to make all of my hunter reservations and manage those reservations fully. This includes correspondence with clients, invoicing for deposits and other payments, and client information records....
Lodge-ical outfitter's version client: Walker Outfitting
...I also use one of the software's features to generate an outfitter log book as I go along through the season so that when the season is over my outfitter log book is completed and saved as a PDF file. Lodge-ical has proved to be invaluable to my outfitting business and I would recommend it to any outfitter."

Walker Outfitting

Description of Lodge-ical's Outfitter Edition

About Lodge-ical's Outfitter's Edition

You are suited for the Outfitter Edition if you are either a fishing or hunting outfitter. You may also be interested in this version if your lodge has 5 rooms or less or your clients stay off-site.

All versions of Lodge-ical can be installed either on a single computer, a network, or on the cloud.

The Outfitter edition is a stripped down version of Lodge-ical without losing the necessary pieces of recordkeeping that are still vital to your business. You will want to use this version to grow your mailing list, market to new prospects, create invoices, track daily activities and more. This edition consists of the four basic modules: Clients, Reservations, Employees, and Activities. Read more about it on our Features and Benefits page

For our Montana Outfitters:

We are offering a "super slim" version of Lodge-ical to those of you most interested in saving time and money when it comes down to creating your end of the year Board of Outfitter client logs. If you do a small amount of daily data entry during your peak season, at the end of the year your Outfitter Log will be done with a simple "button click". This edition will still include the Clients, Employees, and Activites module and will be hosted on the cloud.



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