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Williamson Enterprises, Inc.: CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1994

Lodge-ical has been great for our ranch reservation system and Williamson Enterprises, Inc. is always available to answer any questions. I am not a high tech person- I went from a rolodex to Lodge-ical and wish I had done it years ago!
Lodge-ical client: Moose Head Ranch, Wyoming
Moose Head Ranch
Wyoming, USA

Dog with pheasant. Description of Lodge-ical's Guest Ranch Edition

About Lodge-ical's Guest Ranch Edition

You are suited for the Guest Ranch edition if you own a guest ranch or dude ranch offering meals, lodging, and activities.

All versions of Lodge-ical can be installed either on a single computer, a network, or on the cloud.

The Guest Ranch edition will allow you to efficiently market to new prospects, maintain a complete profile of your guests and supply your staff with the necessary daily reports to ensure your guests have a topnotch experience. This version includes the seven standard modules that are found in most versions. Read more about these standard modules on our Features and Benefits page

Two of our most common bonus modules among the dude ranch community are the Horse Assignment Module and the Reservation Cloning module, further defined below:

This module is designed for clients who are interested in tracking specific horse usage. The component includes the following:

  • Horse Inventory
  • Tack Inventory
  • Form to assign one or more horses to each reservation
  • Calendar to show you the daily horse usage
  • Horse usage report to report the frequency of use for each horse

Clients who are using this module have a high repeat business percentage. Lodge-ical allows you to quickly create a new reservation based upon an existing reservation. When the Jones leave in August and want to rebook for next year, you will simply press a button and "clone" all or some of the reservation components (i.e., room assignments, rates, guest links, activities, etc...). You can also use this feature to simply change dates to a later time. The key to module is less keystrokes saving you time.


Don't forget to read about our other Bonus Modules which may be relevant to your business.

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