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Williamson Enterprises, Inc.: CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1994

Lodge-ical client: Ruby Springs Lodge, Montana
We are very satisfied with Lodge-ical. Information entry is simple. Reports are valuable and support from Kristin and Paul far exceeds my expectations!
Ruby Springs Lodge

Lodge-ical's Fishing Lodge Edition

About Lodge-ical's Fishing Lodge Edition

You are suited for the Fishing Lodge edition if you own a fishing lodge offering meals, lodging, and activities.

All versions of Lodge-ical can be installed either on a single computer, a network, or on the cloud.

The Lodge Edition of Lodge-ical is where it all started! This version includes the seven modules that are found in most versions. Read more about it on our Features and Benefits page.

With regards to other bonus modules that we offer, our fishing lodges typically purchase these:

If you have a high repeat return rate, then you will not want to ignore this module. Using a simple "COPY" button on the Reservation Entry form, you can create a new reservation with the press of a button. You have a choice as to which pieces of the reservation you want to clone (i.e. rates, room assignments, activity assignments, etc.)

If you receive a lot of "what can you do for me" phone calls/emails, then the Reservation Quote module could greatly help your business stay organized, but at the same time track all of your reservation quotes. Entering a quote into Lodge-ical will not be classified as an actual booked reservation until the client confirms the quote. Using the Quote Dashboard will visually show you all of your outstanding quotes and how many days have lapsed since the original quote was sent out.

For our Montana Fishing Lodges:

If you are using Lodge-ical to its full potential, at the end of your season you will be able to print your Client Fishing Outfitter Log that is required for the Montana Board of Outfitters.


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