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Williamson Enterprises, Inc.: CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1994

Lodge-ical's Features and Benefits:

Following is a partial list of Lodge-ical's basic features and available modules. Keep in mind that we will completely customize Lodge-ical to your specification if you desire. Lodge-ical is not an "off-the-shelf" software system. We ship it to you with your customized inquiry and confirmation letters, rates, taxes, referral services, look-up tables and rooms set up for you.

There are specific versions of our management and reservation software for fishing lodges, hunting lodges, wingshooting lodges, in addition to versions for guest and dude ranches and outfitters. You can also use Lodge-ical for all of your year round activities (i.e., both hunting and fishing). We have also configured Lodge-ical to handle reservations for multiple properties.

And if you are presently using another system, we can most likely import your client data into Lodge-ical.

All versions of Lodge-ical can be installed either on a single computer, a network, or on the cloud.

No matter which version of Lodge-ical you purchase, it will include the following features grouped into four standard modules:

Lodge-ical's Client Entry Form

  • This is the first point of data entry into your version of Lodge-ical. This module is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to prospect, sell, and follow up on a timely matter
  • There is a staff contact field to track which employee handled the initial contact
  • Recording a referral source here is vital to tracking the value of your marketing dollars
  • Track all correspondence (letters, e-mails, phone calls, visits, faxes, etc...) for each client. Set reminders so that you do not forget to follow up with important documents to each client profile
  • Query capability allows you to create blast e-mails, mailing labels, and custom correspondence
  • Lodge-ical's Reservation Entry Form.

    • Record date of arrival, date of departure, number of guests, names of guests and any notes
    • Enter all reservation costs at the time of booking
    • Calculate total cost, discounts, required taxes and deposit due
    • Track all payments received for the reservation
    • Enter gratuities and service charges on each reservation with the ability to split the gratuities among your employees
    • Print confirmations, invoices and final bills
    • Create a relationship between your reservation costs and your accounting system's general ledger to produce an income statement sorted by general ledger account category

    Lodge-ical's Employee maintenance entry form.

    • Record the name and contact information for each of your employees
    • Assign employees to client records, reservation records, and as a scheduled employee for a guest activity (i.e., hunting guide, wrangler, etc...)
    • Produce incentive reports based on employees assigned in various modules
    • Enhance the Employee module with the Employee Time Clock module to track employee hours worked
    • Schedule all daily activities: Guided fishing trips, horseback rides, etc... by date, time, and location
    • Assign an employee to a daily activity. An automatic system check will warn you if that employee is already scheduled for the same date and time
    • Use the scheduler to record meals and generate a report especially for your kitchen and dining room staff
    • Use the Resource planner to track other items that may be required for the activity (i.e. rental rods, canoes, Jeeps, etc...)
    • Activity Frequency reports
    • A Daily Calendar allows you to keep track of your guest's and staff's whereabouts

    Each module includes a set of reports and/or calendars that you can use for daily use or as an analytical tool to plan for next year.

    The tabs below describe three additional modules. Please note that some of the additional modules are included with certain versions of Lodge-ical.

    Lodge-ical's visible room assignment calendar

    • View a visible room assignment calendar that allows you to view room availability "at-a-glance"
    • Warning messages signal overbooked rooms but will allow multiple reservations to share the same room
    • This module will also print a Housekeeping Report to give to your housekeeping staff
    • Identify specific guest names in each room. This is ideal for corporate bookings and family reunions where there is one main contact, but individual guest names are important to remember

    Lodge-ical's Personal Data setup form

    • Define up to 6 types of questions (licensing, hunting, personal, etc...) and set up and unlimited number of questions for each type (date of birth, weight, height, rifel or bow, guide preference, dietary restrictions, ages, family members, etc...)
    • "Attach" question types to reservations
    • Retain Personal Data for each client and easily retrieve the information on their next visit
    • Report Personal Data based on question type, reservation number, and client name
    • Assign each item of your inventory into a category (gifts, clothing, wine, etc...) for organized and easy to read reports
    • Assign up to two tax rates and one gratuity rate for each inventory category
    • If desired, track inventory at a granual level vendor vendor, size, color
    • Record guest purchases a reservation level or walk-up level (no reservation required)
    • Maintain your employee purchases and apply an employee discount when applicable
    • Reports include Profit/Loss, Cost of Goods Sold vs, Sales, Inventory Lists (useful when taking a physical inventory) and more
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