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a brief history...Lodge-ical is 23 years young in 2017!

Williamson Enterprises, Inc. is owned by a husband and wife team. They've been developing software together since 1993 and have been in the software business combined for (well, let's not go there!). In 1993, they took their honeymoon at Hubbard's Yellowstone Lodge, an Orvis-endorsed fly fishing lodge located in the Paradise Valley area of Montana. At the end of their honeymoon the owner offered them jobs to return the next year to manage the lodge. Additionally, they agreed to develop a reservation management software application for them. In 1994, they moved from Connecticut to Montana, managed the lodge for three years, and developed Lodge-ical - the first, the original, the founding software for fishing, hunting, wingshooting, guest ranches, and outfitters .
Paul is still a Montana outfitter and guide #5791.

about Lodge-ical...

We are serious about your business, are you??

Consider Lodge-ical for your lodge reservation/booking software and lodge management software needs. There are specific versions of our software for fishing lodges, hunting lodges, in addition to versions for guest and dude ranches. Lodge-ical is also invaluable software for outfitters.

Top 10 reasons why Lodge-ical is recognized as the #1 choice that lodges, ranches, preserves and outfitters count on to run their businesses:

  1. Lodge-ical is "GUEST-Centric"! This means that guest preferences and special requests are the number one priority. Lodge-ical has countless opportunities for you to track a complete guest profile from their likes and dislikes to their individual requests. Use this feature effectively and your guests will be impressed from the minute they arrive to the moment they depart.
  2. Lodge-ical has a built-in customer relationship database! From the very first phone call or e-mail exchange you can begin to record their preferences. A correspondence keeper allows you to track each conversation and a valuable log is established. Use the database to mark special interests and later query the database generating blast e-mails, newsletters, mailing labels or custom correspondence.
  3. Lodge-ical is customized! Prior to your delivery, a personal interview will be conducted to learn about the unique characteristics of your business. No setup is required. By the time your receive your software, you can install Lodge-ical and begin to enter in your first reservation.
  4. Lodge-ical is easy to learn! The flow of data entry uses a common-sense approach that corresponds to the day-to-day activities of the reservation manager.
  5. Lodge-ical will save you time! Keep your employees informed on a daily basis by distributing specialized reports. Send a meal report to your kitchen, an occupancy report to your housekeeping employees, an income statement to your accountant, and an activity calendar to your employees who accompany guests on their day to day activities.
  6. Lodge-ical is accurate! Guests receive easy to read invoices which contain all pertinent reservation details, cancellation policies and other important information. Additionally, you can prepare an itinerary for your guests and present them upon their arrival.
  7. Lodge-ical offers unsurpassed customer service! Our first priority is you! We quickly respond to all issues and are eager to teach you how Lodge-ical best fits into your business.
  8. Lodge-ical has unlimited capabilities! There is no limit to the number of features included in your version. We encourage you to bring new ideas to us and to request additional customizations and modules to accommodate your particular requirements!
  9. Lodge-ical professionals know your business! Lodge-ical is designed and maintained using hands-on lodge management experience and countless interactions with our current client base. We understand your business! There are rarely scenarios that we hear about that we haven't already encountered. This allows us to quickly give you advice on your best approach to solving the issue.
  10. Lodge-ical frees you from the office! In the long run, you will be spending more time with the guest and less time burdened with paperwork.

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