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Williamson Enterprises, Inc.: CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1994

Questions and answers about Lodge-ical...

"What advantages would I recognize from using Lodge-ical ?"

  • The database, billing, and other features will allow you to stay on top of everything and allow you the time you need to do what you do best: Spend time with your customers. It frees up more of your time either to do the personal things that you enjoy or to spend it managing other aspects of your business.
  • You will have a powerful tool that will keep you ahead of your competition.
  • Your staff will love you because of the organization that Lodge-ical will give your company. Your cooks, cleaning staff, guides, etc... will appreciate the professionalism and organization your company will have after using Lodge-ical.

"Why is Lodge-ical different than other products we've looked at?"

  • There is no other product that we know of that does what Lodge-ical does. It is specifically designed for you: the lodge/resort owner or outfitter. Other products are more general.
  • Lodge-ical can be customized and designed to meet any needs you may have. It is a flexible system that can grow with you.
  • There is an unlimited amount of support available. Most software companies charge quite a bit for support and restrict your call to banker's hours. And, if we have to return your call it will be returned quickly.
  • Lodge-ical can easily be modified to meet any specific needs you may have for a very reasonable charge. Most other systems are not flexible at all.
  • It really isn't much more expensive, if at all, than others.

"We use a little bit of MS Word, our calendar is in MS Excel,...everything works just fine for us."

  • Lodge-ical will take all that information you are putting in various programs and put it to work for you. All that data is just sitting there. You can get much more out of it with the same or less amount of work.
  • You don't have to worry about looking in different locations for information. Everything will be in one database. You only need to input information once, and in one system.
  • You will no longer have to type labels, names on letters, envelopes, ...

"We don't have time to install a new system..."

  • Lodge-ical is very user friendly and does not take very long to install and get up and running.
  • We would be happy to travel to your business to demonstrate Lodge-ical and to train your staff on using it.
  • The time Lodge-ical will save you in the future will more than make up for any time spent getting it up and running. You end up saving hours, days, on things that took up a lot of your time.
  • Your time spent getting it installed will be a great investment in your time in the future. It may take a little time now, but it will save you a lot of time in the future.

"That's too expensive. We can't afford that."

  • You can and you should.
  • If used properly, Lodge-ical will pay for itself much sooner than you think. You will save time in labor hours from doing things manually. The billing system alone will keep track of everyone's accounts and will keep things from falling through the cracks (when is the last time you forgot to pick up a client at the airport?).
  • With Lodge-ical's powerful database you will be able to do direct mail programs that will make you money. You can target specific clients in certain areas, send direct mailings to your current customers, and have the power to track all correspondences with your customer. This feature alone will more than pay for Lodge-ical!
  • After entering information for a client, Lodge-ical will do the rest of the work for you. It will place the customer's information on your outgoing letters, print the mailing labels, and any other correspondence that you send to your customers. Plus it will keep track of all of these actions in a correspondence log.
  • Lodge-ical can calculate any type of figures that you may need. It will calculate taxes, commissions paid, splits between divisions in the company and much more.
  • The labor hours saved will more than pay for the cost of Lodge-ical.

"We have a manual system now that has been working for years..."

  • Lodge-ical will not only save you hours in manual input, but it will also pay for itself and make you money that you are currently losing by doing everything manually.
  • There are many things that you could be doing with all of that data that you are keeping. Data is a powerful tool if used properly. Lodge-ical will help you use that data.
  • Lodge-ical will help you keep your records more organized.
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